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In clinical studies, GATTEX was proven to help people with short bowel syndrome (SBS) on parenteral support (PS)


GATTEX reduced the weekly volume of parenteral support (PS).


People treated with GATTEX achieved more time off of parenteral support (PS).


Over time, some people achieved complete freedom from parenteral support (PS) with GATTEX.

In a 6-month study, 27 out of 43 adults treated with GATTEX reduced weekly PS volume by 20% or more vs 13 out of 43 on placebo, and 21 out of 39 achieved at least 1 day off PS per week vs 9 out of 39 on placebo. In a 24-month extension study, 10 out of 30 adults previously on GATTEX no longer needed PS after 30 months of treatment. In a 6-month study, 18 out of 26 children treated with GATTEX reduced weekly PS volume by 20% or more, 10 out of 26 achieved a reduction of at least 1 day off PS per week, and 3 out of 26 no longer needed PS.

Less time on PS could mean more time for:




Sleep and

Examples of how some patients may spend their time with reduced PS requirements are for illustrative purposes only. Be sure to discuss your medical circumstances and activities with your doctor.

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